About Me


Hi and Welcome! It’s such a delight to have you here! I’m Nnenne Aja-Onu but my friends call me Nene or Nennie. I’m a wife, and a mom of three amazing children.

I created THE MOM AND DAUGHTER CLOSET to share my creative designs with you. My goal is to inspire you to get in touch with your creative self and to get sewing. I especially encourage those with little girls as it’s a fun way to bond and create memories together. The best part is that you get to make it yourself! You get to discover and/or express the creative abilities that God has put inside of you! If you already sew, hopefully you get inspired to sew even more!

I started sewing as a little girl. My mom used to sew and my grandma as well, but I learnt from my mom. I have fond memories of sitting by her as she sewed on her pink Butterfly treadle sewing machine making pretty dresses for my sisters and me. I remember asking her loads of questions and how she’d let me experiment with some of her own clothes. Now, I have two adorable girls, Chizzy and Ama,  and just like her, I’m able to sew pretty dresses for them too! Nothing gives me as much satisfaction as the look of joy and excitement I see on their faces when they wear their handmade clothing made by mommy! Occasionally, I get to sew for my son, Nduoma, and my husband, Uche.

I have learnt a lot on this journey of creativity and still have a whole lot to learn. I have learnt a lot by trial and error. One of the highlights of my sewing adventures was designing and making my bridesmaids’ dresses before I had any formal training in fashion. Sewing was a fun way for me to make some extra cash while studying Economics at University. I took some short courses at the London College of Fashion, but before then, I had purchased a self-training pack from Ginani Fashion School in Lagos and was teaching myself pattern designing and pattern making. Before I had my third baby, I was studying Fashion Apparel Technology at The Fashion Institute Calgary, Alberta, where we currently live.

I enjoy swimming with my husband and kids when I’m not sewing. I also enjoy taking long walks. I love interior decorations and redecorating my home is one of the things I like doing. I also like baking especially with the kids. Friday movie nights with them and some homemade popcorn is something else I look forward to at the end of a beautiful week of sewing!

So, once again, you’re welcome on board this journey of creativity so, let’s get sewing!